ST PETER’S HOSPICE SEVERNSIDE SUPPORT GROUP would be delighted to welcome you to afternoon tea on Wednesday 23rd March at St Mary’s Hall in Thornbury at 3.00pm. The guest speaker will be Reverend Canon Roger Royle. Tickets are priced at £10.00 (to include a full home made high tea) and are available from Thornbury Town Hall.
Please support St Peter’s – your local Hospice.

The Village Players

Rehearsals are well under way for our next production,
which will run from Wednesday 11th to Saturday 14th May 2011.
All performances will begin at 7.30 p.m.
‘IDLE HANDS’ is a domestic comedy by Ron Hutson.
It’s SO funny we haven’t stopped laughing yet! Rehearsals are hilarious!
If you enjoy a really good laugh, this one will have you in stitches!
Our Booking Office is now open and your seats can be reserved in advance.
Just call Denise on 01454 633786.
Tickets are £6 for working adults and £3.50 for everyone else, as always

Tweetie Pie’s Spring Song.

Tweetie Pie’s Spring Song.
I’m doing my courting ready for my 2011 brood. But Felix is on the prowl, eyeing the bird boxes and nests for his hunting season. I can avoid the other hunter Gerry who has two bells on his collar – he can keep one quiet but not two. Alas Felix has no bell so I hope his human will keep him under curfew like he did last year.
I like the story of Felix’s recent misfortune. He has a magnet collar to open the cat flap for him but to keep his lovers and mates out. Ha Ha! His human came down in the morning and found him stuck to the fridge.
The sparrow hawk attacks at 45 mph and my reactions are bred in to dodge this velocity, but cars over that speed on a rural road can be fatal. I am still mourning over the 6 million UK bird friends lost in 2010 and hope that humans will slow down and give us a better chance this year.

Tweetie Pie.