Tweetie Pie’s Spring Song.

Tweetie Pie’s Spring Song.
I’m doing my courting ready for my 2011 brood. But Felix is on the prowl, eyeing the bird boxes and nests for his hunting season. I can avoid the other hunter Gerry who has two bells on his collar – he can keep one quiet but not two. Alas Felix has no bell so I hope his human will keep him under curfew like he did last year.
I like the story of Felix’s recent misfortune. He has a magnet collar to open the cat flap for him but to keep his lovers and mates out. Ha Ha! His human came down in the morning and found him stuck to the fridge.
The sparrow hawk attacks at 45 mph and my reactions are bred in to dodge this velocity, but cars over that speed on a rural road can be fatal. I am still mourning over the 6 million UK bird friends lost in 2010 and hope that humans will slow down and give us a better chance this year.

Tweetie Pie.

Women’s World Day of Prayer

(International and Interdenominational)
Friday 4th March 2011
All Saint’s Church in Compton Greenfield

“How Many Loaves Have You?
Written by Christian Women of Chile

Although organised and led by women,
this time of worship and prayer during Lent is
for everybody and all are welcome to attend

World Book Night

On World Book Night one million books are to be given away free at events across the UK.
World Book Night and the Severnside Ramblers have come together to present an extraordinary evening for people in this area.
Starting at 8pm, there will be a two mile night walk to the River Severn where flying lanterns will be released on the shore. Returning by moonlight, refreshments will be served and a free book issued to all.
The chosen book for our event is Toast by Nigel Slater.
Saturday 5 March
This event is free but please book a place and find out the starting place by phoning Heather 01454 632134