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Street Care Service How it works and how to make contact

 Street Care Service

How it works and how to make contact

Street Care is the front facing arm of South Gloucestershire Council.  The section is responsible for the maintenance and management of all aspects of council owned land, from play areas to highways and street lighting.

Areas of responsibility are:

Highways Street lighting









Non illumination

Part night





Repairs (footway & highway)

Dangerous trips

Winter maintenance

Drainage problems

Open Spaces & Cleansing   Grass cutting

Play area maintenance

Shrub beds

Footway edging

Graffiti removal

Litter collection & kerb sweeping

The section proactively inspects the entire network on a regular cyclical basis to ensure defects are found and repaired.

Street Care also takes calls from the public when issues arise and act upon the information provided to resolve issues where it is possible.  This may be done immediately when the matter is urgent or dangerous or the problem may be resolved by being included on a long term programme of works.

The latter is our preferred route to resolution as we are trying to move away from reactive work towards a proactive regime.

Street Care can be contacted in a number of ways, and all matters raised will be investigated within 10 working days of receipt:

Letter South Gloucestershire Council, Street Care

PO Box 2078

Council Offices, Castle Street


South Gloucestershire

BS35 9BJ

Telephone Helpdesk – 01454 868000


Email streetcare@southglos.gov.uk


Website Webforms are used to report issues;



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