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Pilning, Severn Beach and Easter Compton

News for Pilning & Severn Beach

Dear Ward Members – The things that are happening that affect our patch.

  • StreetCare:- For those of a more independent internet nature, wishing to report/interrogate incidences to South Glos. directly, please read the article from StreetCare in this edition.
  • Libraries and One-Stop Shops will have the systems installed and be running one to one on-line assistance/training sessions.
  • Libraries:- All books are being updated with microchips and automatic book registration will be self-service by swiping the book.
  • Trains – Severn Beach – From 11th August the 7.20 from Severn Beach will now have an extra carriage to cope with the extra passengers. Let us hope all the fares will now collected.
  • The B4055:- I have sent in early August requests to the two major SavNav providers informing them there is a 7.5-ton weight limit from Easter Compton to Cross Hands Road at the junction of the A4013. This was with advice from the Ministry of Transport and Ivor Weeks of Severn Beach. I hope that this may help some of the lorry problems as South Glos. Weights & Measures Department were copied in on the correspondence. After the completion of the new pavement at Marsh Common scheduled to now end in October, work will cease on the B4055 until after April 2012.
  • Osborne Road Surface – Reference Number: 00089704 for repairing the road at the far end but fortunately the potholes cannot be patched up. This has been included in the 2012/13 budget. Severn Beach Garage ‘Certificate of Lawfulness’ is out for consultation No: PT11/2471/CLE. We await the result.
  • Horse Stables/Travellers – A new road off the A4013 opposite Northwick Road, car park has been gritted and a septic tank installed. It does not have Planning Permission and the Planning Enforcement Team have been informed. Many thanks to John Pullin, Peter Tyzack etc who raised the alarm on this intrusion.
  • Wainbridge Crescent – I have contacted Network Rail on behalf of the residents whose gardens back on to the railway line. This is because the trees that need pruning are overhanging their gardens and the ditch needs clearing. This has been added to the new work list, which begins on 5th September.
  • Bank Road – Station Road  Due to my complaint Bristol Waterworks are relaying the water pipe, which always caused a puddle on this dangerous corner.
  • Speed Limit Signs – These are progressively being updated and installed throughout our area.
  • Cardboard Collecting Bags – These are now at Severn Beach/Easter Compton Post Office. I picked up mine from Thornbury and we are testing it this week. Let us hope it increases the amount of cardboard sorted.
  • Used Cooking Oil – This can now be taken in containers to the Patchway Recycling Centre for turning into biodiesel.
  • Tesco – After two attempts of trying to contact Tesco without a response, I have passed the correspondence to Jack Lopresti’s office. The Parish Council and myself had hoped to form a liaison committee.
  • Front Gardens – I have noticed some front gardens are being paved, bricked or covered with chippings. While this solves a major parking problem and tidies the area up, please ensure no chippings spill unto the pavement and cause a hazard for others.
  • Former Pilning Rifle Range – I understand investigations are being made into the unauthorised changes of the ‘Public Right of Way’ over the former Rifle Range and the new Owner’s compliance with his Planning Permission. This was in response to public objections. When I know the relevant numbers, I will print them.
  • Signing Legal Documents – For some 40 years now, I have been qualified as a Chartered Engineer/Computer Software Consultant to sign passports, etc. I can now add to this my second qualification of a District Councillor role. If you would like your documents signed by me my service will be free and a pleasure but if you want to donate to WASP, I shall not refuse it.

If anyone wants to contact me personally, I can visit them privately at their convenience. With regard to South Glos. queries I will do my best to get them resolved. Other problems will be fielded to the relevant agencies for their attention. I am getting an average of eight queries per week, which I am dealing with currently within the week. The exceptions are those for the Travellers with their 40 horses who no charity wants to help, who seem to have upset many locals by their different way of living and its impact on our community. Eviction of them from the Bank Road site has been achieved only for them to relocate at Western Approaches with their horses.

Yours sincerely, Robert, District Councillor for Pilning & Severn Beach Ward

Robert C. Griffin

 “Alverstoke”, 9 Shaymoor Lane, Pilning, South Gloucestershire,

BS35 4JR



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