Tue. Dec 1st, 2020

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Pilning, Severn Beach and Easter Compton

Church sharing experiment in Severn Beach

Church sharing experiment in Severn Beach

Due to the limited life of the Severn Beach United Church asbestos building, the Methodist and Anglican authorities decided that no more investment should be made to the building. After a wonderful gesture from Emmaus Church to allow the United Church to use their building, the following arrangement has been made.

The United Church and Emmaus Church will trial the sharing of one building during the winter months. Commencing in November, for four months only, the United Church will hold its own regular services at Emmaus Church Centre in Gorse Cover Road, Severn Beach for which a rent will be paid.  The leaders of the churches state this is not an amalgamation of the two congregations but a sharing of premises as each church will hold their own distinct services as usual. This is a great step forward in Christian sharing and reduces the heating requirement, which makes the venture environmentally friendly. See the church diaries at the back of the In View magazine for details of times.

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