Sun. Jan 17th, 2021

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Pilning, Severn Beach and Easter Compton

Fly the Flag

On the 5th David England celebrated his 80th birthday. Sheila, Kevin, Tania, Aysha and Bill sent their love. The 14th saw Vernon Humphries clock up 75 years. Jean, Debs Cath, Allan and Dave sent greetings as did Chris, Norman, Gordon, Jenny and Phil.
The flag flew on the 15th January in remembrance of Eva Denner who would have been 100 on that day…
On the 19th Connie Locke was remembered on her birthday, greatly missed and loved by Perce, Pam and Kev. We flew the flag for Roger and Brenda Ducker on the 23rd as they celebrated the safe arrival of twin granddaughters Tabitha and Georgia. Grandad and Granny Barr wished much love to grandson Christian Stenner on his 18th birthday, the 25th. Husband Ted sent loving greetings to his wife Sandra Hitchens on her birthday, the 28th, and on the 29th Mark Hollister was remembered with love by Jodie and son Corey on what would have been his 40th birthday. His father John also said that Mark would never be forgotten by his family.
Mikey Perkins was 10 on the 15th and Nanny and Grandad sent much love to their “Special Boy”
Some advance notice for Myles Thomas who will be 21 on the 19th, Nan and Gramp sent their love Gordon Bland will be 80 on the 23rd, Margaret and the family sent their love. June and Maurice Reynolds celebrate their Golden Wedding on the 25th with love from their family.
If your request for the flag comes after the magazine deadline day, 1stFebruary it may not appear in the March edition but in the following one
Flying the Flag supports the two choirs at St Peter’s, the Sunday choir and the Festival Choir. Not only does the flag flutter at the church flagpole for you, you receive a customised card with whatever greeting you wish. We celebrate anything, if it’s special to you we will arrange it, even at short notice- and all for just £5. We are grateful to the many who donate more than £5, but will keep the official amount at £5 where it has been for nearly 8 years.
Call Roy on 01454 632670 or write to 21 Chessell Ave, Pilning, South Glos BS35 4LP
Thank you everyone for your support, our choirs go from strength to strength. Roy Edwardes

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